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Jennifer Louisignau

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    Went to lookup the location you are petitioning for on google maps and it shows it as being off of 22nd and main street. is that correct? your petition page says its close to historic downtown Lombard, but that doesn’t seem all that close. Just wanted to make sure the address was in fact 101 S. Main street because I pictured it being in downtown lombard based on the description. Thanks for your time! Looking forward to checking it out when it opens!!

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    We are driven by the community, for the community.  Let us know your questions and thoughts and we will be in touch.

    Prairie Food Co-op
    P.O. Box 83
    Lombard, Illinois 60148

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    Used to live in lombard. Would love to see this there and shop when I visit!

    Sign Now! Bring PFC to Downtown Lombard

    We are thrilled to announce that we are pursuing the development opportunity at 101 - 109 S. Main St. in Lombard. We will soon submit our proposal to the Village of Lombard to secure this location in partnership with a local development firm. Our proposal is in response to the Village's request for proposal (RFP) for the site.


    We love this location for its unique history, accessibility, proximity to the downtown corridor, and its ability to deliver on our mission to create a local, sustainable and connected food community. After completing two separate professional market studies and reviewing alternate sites, we also know this location is the best performing option for Prairie Food Co-op.


    Please sign your name to our petition of community support. We need our Owners and entire community rallying to make this future home a possibility. Share this link with your family and friends, neighborhood groups, trustees, and favorite local businesses.


    Prairie Food Co-op started as a community conversation to bring a cooperatively owned grocery store to DuPage County and has grown into a thriving organization of 750+ owners working together to open a brick-and-mortar marketplace for locally grown food and products. PFC will not only bring quality food to our tables but will provide fair paying jobs, focus on sustainable practices, and drive business within the local economy.  Thank you for your continued support as we begin this exciting chapter in our story!


    For more information, we invite you to join our public community gatherings and watch our website and Facebook pages for additional details. To connect with us, email

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