Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

1100 By Up & Coming, Up & Running 2020

It’s that time of year again! We at PFC are gearing up for Up & Coming, Up & Running (UCUR) 2020. UCUR is the biggest food co-op conference of the year where thousands of food co-op organizers meet to learn about how other food co-ops around the nation are improving and innovating ways to get their own co-ops open. This will be our 6th year in a row!

Every year at the beginning of the conference all of the food co-ops take turns talking about various aspects of their co-ops like what stage they’re in, what important developments occurred in the last year, and of course, how many Owners they have. We would love to say that we’re at 1100 Owners but are just a few Owners short. We’ve had a recent uptick in new PFC Owners and would love to continue that uptick to reach and surpass 1100 Owners in February!

Would you help us reach our 1100 goal by becoming a PFC Owner today?

PFC Ownership costs just a one-time fee of $200. That’s one-time with no annual fees, For this not only will you get certain perks and discounts (when the store is open) and free or reduced discounts on all of our workshops (a perk you can use now!), but you’ll also have the pride of supporting a store that will focus on stocking as much healthy, clean, locally grown and produced food as possible. By focusing on local food we will be supporting more local farmers and small, family owned businesses which will help them succeed and keep more money HERE in our community.


Please consider PFC Ownership today to give us bragging rights at UCUR 2020!

Invest in a place to shop that you can call your own.
Together we really can do this.