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  • published March To 950 Owners in News 2019-02-26 02:44:08 -0600

    We're excited to announce that Sitka Salmon Shares will be gifting a Summer Sampler Share to one PFC March Owner or referrer IF we reach 950 Owners in the month of March 2019!

    Sitka Salmon is the best fish you can get in the midwest or any coast. The fish you receive is line-caught in Alaska by family owned boats, portioned and froze on shore, then hand delivered to your door. 

    Also, Sitka Salmon Shares is an early and proud supporter and Owner of Prairie Food Co-op (#303). Sitka Salmon founders, Nic and Marsh, have even hand delivered their fish to our doors in the Chicago area! We at PFC appreciate how committed they are to their members and their employees and their delicous fish reflect their values. That's why we love them!

    All you have to do to be eligible to win the Sitka Summer Sampler is to become or refer a PFC Owner in the month of March!

    If you’re already a Sitka shareholder you can still win so don’t hold off on buying a Sitka share in hopes of winning one! If you’re already a Sitka shareholder, we’ll simply reimburse you up to the cost of Sitka Summer Sampler share.


    YOU GET $25, PFC GETS $25
    We’re also happy to be part of a great offering from Sitka in the month of March. Anyone who buys a Sitka Salmon Share in the month of March will not only receive $25 back, but Sitka Salmon will also throw $25 PFC’s way for us to use towards our organizing efforts! We promise we’ll use the money wisely!

    So become a Sitka Salmon shareholder and save some money for yourself and help out your beloved Prairie Food Co-op too! Just enter Prairie19 into the promo code field on the sign up form!


  • published The Two Proposals for 101 S. Main in News 2018-11-12 10:08:01 -0600

    The Two Proposals for 101 S. Main in Lombard

    Where We Are In The Process
    Prairie Food Co-op is at a pivotal point in our development. You are probably aware that PFC is attached to two development bids at 101-109 S. Main St. in Lombard. 

    This is great news, but we are reserving our enthusiasm until the entire democratic process is followed through. We also realize that this is a time for us to practice two of the values that we hold dear: transparency and representation. 

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  • published Rustic Road Farm May Enticement in News 2018-04-30 16:32:56 -0500

    Join PFC and MAYbe win a summer of local produce!

    Remember back in the day when we offered a prize we’d raffle off to an one Owner if we got 30 Owners in a month? Yeah, we decided to do it again! We’re going a little old school, but we’re excited to announce an enticing offer for new Owners in the beautiful month of May!

    If you become (or refer) an Owner in May AND we get at least 30 Owners in May you have a chance to win 20 weeks of a Personal CSA Share of fresh, local produce from Rustic Road Farms in Elburn (a $365 value!). This comes out to 5-7 items per share in a half-bushel box that you’d pick up once a week at the vibrant Wheaton Farmers Market. Are you already a Rustic Road Farm shareholder or want to and don't want to wait and see if you're a winner? That's cool. If you win, we'll just reimburse you the value of the Personal Share! 

    May has always been a great month for this kind of offer and we know we have a lot more people interested in us these days looking for one more reason to jump off the fence! This is the perfect opportunity!

    Plus we love supporting a local farm like Rustic Roads who put in the extra time and extra work to grow their produce and raise their animals in a sustainable, responsible way. Plus, Marc and Luis, of Rustic Road Farms are enthusiastic PFC Owners and advocates!

    If you’ve been thinking about joining the PFC family, now is a great time. Please consider PFC Ownership, and the chance to win a summer’s worth of delicious, locally grown produce, today!

  • published Volunteer in Get Involved 2018-04-16 13:26:16 -0500


    The more volunteers we have out front and behind the scenes, the faster we reach our upcoming milestones like securing our store location, beginning our capital campaign, and opening our doors! 

    Here are some current volunteer opportunities:

    • Tablers – One of the most fun ways to grow our owner ranks, you’ll stand behind our table with a seasoned tabler at a farmers markets, info sessions, or other events. You'll be talking to potential PFC Owners about why they need to join the PFC family and current Owners about our current news and plans. 
    • Event Organizers – We need folks who'd like to help organize events – from securing venues to coordinating day-of details.
    • Co-op Ambassadors – Reach out to businesses, nonprofits, community groups, town leaders, and existing owners. Find out where we can host a table at an event, farmers market, or appear at a Co-op house party.
    • Teach a Class – Do you have a skill or talent to share? Maybe you have gardening expertise, amazing canning skillz, maybe you're a fermenting genius, or are knowledgable about another DIY activity? We make it fun and easy to share your knowledge with our community! 
    • Spreadsheet, CMR, or other organizational tech skills – If you know Google Drive or have worked with CRM tools like Nationbuilder, Salesforce or others, we can use your talents!
    • Web & Graphic Design  –  Our website and visual promos are always in need of updating. Please let us know if this is your thing!
    • Hustling (the good kind) - Maybe you'd just like to hand out some brochures or somewhere for a few hours or commit to a task that isn't so involved. We have many tasks that don't take much of time commitment that could fit into your schedule. 

    To get started, please fill out our Volunteer Form. This is a painless and easy way to help us decide the best way you can help YOUR community Owned grocery store. Don't worry, if you'd like to branch out of your comfort zone, we'll work with you. 

    If you'd like to just cut to the chase you can email our Outreach Coordinator, Jerry at

    This is hard work, but it's fun! Join the fun by volunteering today!









  • signed Site Petition 2018-02-01 22:42:31 -0600

    Sign Now! Bring PFC to Downtown Lombard

    We are thrilled to announce that we are pursuing the development opportunity at 101 - 109 S. Main St. in Lombard. We will soon submit our proposal to the Village of Lombard to secure this location in partnership with a local development firm. Our proposal is in response to the Village's request for proposal (RFP) for the site.


    We love this location for its unique history, accessibility, proximity to the downtown corridor, and its ability to deliver on our mission to create a local, sustainable and connected food community. After completing two separate professional market studies and reviewing alternate sites, we also know this location is the best performing option for Prairie Food Co-op.


    Please sign your name to our petition of community support. We need our Owners and entire community rallying to make this future home a possibility. Share this link with your family and friends, neighborhood groups, trustees, and favorite local businesses.


    Prairie Food Co-op started as a community conversation to bring a cooperatively owned grocery store to DuPage County and has grown into a thriving organization of 750+ owners working together to open a brick-and-mortar marketplace for locally grown food and products. PFC will not only bring quality food to our tables but will provide fair paying jobs, focus on sustainable practices, and drive business within the local economy.  Thank you for your continued support as we begin this exciting chapter in our story!


    For more information, we invite you to join our public community gatherings and watch our website and Facebook pages for additional details. To connect with us, email

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  • signed up on Canvas Your Community 2018-04-13 15:58:43 -0500

    Canvas Your Community

    PFC_DoorHanger_V2_(1)-2.jpgAs the weather warms up we want to spread the Prairie Food Co-op mission to as many households in our community and we need all hands (and feet) on deck!

    We need your help distributing Prairie Food Co-op door hangers to as many houses in the Lombard and surrounding Lombard area as possible. All this requires is a little light cardio and the ability to follow a pre-selected map we will provide for you. No knocking on doors, no talking to anyone, and no selling.

    You can pick your own neighborhood or another neighborhood, it's up to you. You can also pick your own time commitment. One hour on a Tuesday afternoon, or three hours on Thursday morning. You can also bring a friend if you'd like. 

    All you have to do is sign up and we'll contact you soon with details. This is a great opportunity to help us out if you have limited time and can only volunteer sporadically. 

    Please leave your name, email, and mobile number and we'll get ahold of you just as soon as we get the door hangs printed. 


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  • published What's In Store for Prairie Food Co-op in News 2016-08-10 11:47:38 -0500

    What's In Store for Prairie Food Co-op

    A committed group of volunteers have been working to build Prairie Food Co-op since mid-2012. It takes, on average, 5-6 years to open a food co-op and we are on track to open within that timeframe. Along the way, we have received many accolades, including a competitive $10K grant based on the strength of our organization and leadership. We recently visited our mentor co-op, Common Ground Food Co-op (CGFC) in Urbana, and were reminded of why we are doing this. Here we will share why we are working hard to open Prairie Food Co-op - a grocery store that is so much more!

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