Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Katherine Nash

Prairie Food Co-op will be a different type of grocery store - one that supports local farmers, is committed to transparent product labeling so that I know how and where food is produced, and encourages sustainable and organic food production. As a co-op, Prairie Food exists to serve you instead of make a profit for others. As a co-op, the store is owned by the community and more money stays here in Lombard.

My Ownership investment helps create a grocery store that:

  • Supports Local Food Systems
  • Provides Quality Jobs here in Lombard
  • Has a Positive Economic Impact
  • Promotes Environmental Stewardship
  • Promotes Healthy & Sustainable Foods.

I cannot wait until I can shop at Prairie Food Co-op - knowing that my Ownership helped make it happen! If this all sounds great, then join me and so many others by becoming an Owner today!