Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Owner Benefits

Becoming an Owner of the Prairie Food Co-op helps us build an amazing grocery store that benefits the entire Lombard community! You are helping to build a store that provides year-round access to local, sustainably-produced, organic food; a store committed to the economic development and revitalization of downtown Lombard; a store that will provide education on healthy living and eating; a store that keeps money in our community by providing excellent employment and supporting local business.

Benefits include:

  • Access to a local business dedicated to providing organic, sustainable and locally produced food
  • Owner benefits at cooperative grocery stores across the country
  • A say in the products and services offered at Prairie Food Co-op
  • The right to vote in elections and run for a seat on the board of directors
  • Financial benefits upon store opening:
    • Owner-only discounts (to be determined by Owners themselves!)
    • Case lot discounts on special orders
    • Patronage refunds during profitable years
    • Owner discounts on classes or workshops hosted by Prairie Food Co-op

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