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PFC's Statement On Black Lives Matter


Dear Prairie Food Co-op Community Members,

For more than 170 years, cooperative organizations have celebrated human diversity and brought people together to achieve aspirations through empowerment and inclusion. As a cooperative business, Prairie Food Co-op is dedicated to following and promoting the core principles of cooperative business known as The Seven Cooperative Principles. Principle seven is “Concern for Community”.  As such, we cannot look away from what has been happening without wanting to explicitly restate our core values of racial equity in an empowered community context.

We are proud that Prairie Food Co-op has established policies already in place that acknowledge and attempt to remediate community inequality through engagement and awareness which can be viewed below.

While words are not enough, we feel that it is important to officially state that equality, justice, and the ever-present need to eliminate systemic bias and racism are inherent to Prairie Food Co-op’s values. Prairie Food Co-op fully supports the Black Lives Matter movement and the plea for visibility and justice that it calls for. We are committed to democratic organization, food justice, anti-racism and building a more cooperative society. 

We invite you to continue this work with us, demanding better for those who have been marginalized. Our Board has committed to making individual donations to Chicago Black Lives Matter and invite you to do the same, or consider a donation to another local black-led organization of your choosing - this is a great list.

In Cooperation,

Prairie Food Co-Op Board of Directors



Prairie Food Co-op Policy Register


Policy Type:            Board Process

Policy Title:             C3 – Statement of Principles

Last Revised:          March 19, 2019


For more than 170 years, cooperative organizations have celebrated human diversity and worked to bring people together to meet needs and achieve aspirations through empowerment and inclusion. The Cooperative is committed to our democratic organization, food justice, anti-racism, and building a cooperative society.

The Board is committed to the development of policies and strategies that will sustain our communities over time, including: supporting environmentally and economically sustainable food systems; building a vibrant, connected, cooperative community within and outside of the boundaries of our storefront; meeting community needs; and strengthening area diversity through products, services, and education.

Accordingly, the Board will:

  1. Ensure that no policies are implemented that jeopardize the Cooperative’s commitment to inclusion and anti-discrimination.
  2. Ensure that our doors are open to all persons, without overt or subtle discrimination.
  3. Ensure that people from a diversity of backgrounds feel comfortable shopping at, working for, or participating in the Cooperative.
  4. Ensure that the Cooperative is committed to treating all jobs and all employees with dignity.
  5. Ensure that the Cooperative upholds the values of equality, solidarity and caring for others.
  6. Uphold the Cooperative’s commitment to being a welcoming business and empowering community enterprise. The Board seeks to be a positive resource and influence, presenting opportunities for constructive dialogue and collective actions for change, and to explore ways to reach beyond our walls, advocating for policies that will contribute to democracy and equality, advance human rights, and support environmental sustainability.
  7. Value respectful dialog,debate, and participation as expressions of economic democracy.
  8. Ensure that our Cooperative provides products and services that are accessible and appealing to the broader communities.


This policy will be monitored annually through Board self-evaluation.






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