Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Why Farmers Love Co-ops

cmgatGlenwood1.jpgWe are fortunate to have the support of many area farmers and food producers. We'd like to share with you why Farmers Rob and Christina Montalbano of Montalbano Farms are Prairie Food Co-op Owners and supporters. Learn more about why family farmers are thrilled about the many grocery co-ops organizing and opening in Chicagoland.

Why was joining Prairie Food Co-op important?

Christina and I support co-ops for many reasons. Foremost, however, is that the Prairie Food Co-op reflects our values and our commitment to community. Cooperative grocers always have lots of great stuff from local producers and growers. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable because they’re excited to be part of something bigger. Customers are like me. They share priorities and have a say in the products and companies which the co-op supports. On top of that, cooperatives can revitalize a downtown and provide good, steady jobs for hardworking people.

As a small vegetable farmer in Kendall county, I see the value of cooperatives first hand. Cooperative grocery stores support small farmers first. They build relationships with local growers that provide stability for a small farm. They connect families with farmers. Cooperatives can tell our story to hundreds of people in the community. They bridge the gap between the rich soils of Illinois and its small towns and dinner tables.

There are, of course, many ways to live your values and support small businesses. Joining Prairie Food Co-op is one of the strongest, most meaningful steps that you can take to make a difference starting right now. You’ll help support local farmers, you’ll take steps to build a dream and, most importantly, you will help create lasting change for your community and your family.

- Rob Montalbano

Don't forget that we are raffling off a $50 Winter Farmers Market gift card AND a $50 Fringe gift card to new Owners but only if we reach 265 Owners by October 31st (we are 13 Owners short as of today). 

Having 250 Owners allowed us to commission a market study to advise us how big and where the store should be in Lombard. The next step after that is to secure a site, but we need between 500 - 700 Owners to do that. The market study will give us the necessary information and we want act on that as quickly as possible.  Help us get there!

Together we built this. Join us.