Want to Create Your Dream Grocery Store?

You can. Becoming a Prairie Food Co-op Owner is the first step.

Prairie Food Co-op will be a new type of grocery store, offering the freshest food available from local farms. A one-stop shop where you can purchase organic, sustainable, healthy food for you and your family. Prairie Food Co-op will also be a community hub where friends and neighbors can gather together for a cup of coffee, attend workshops, meetings, and more. Our early Owners have the unique ability to make decisions that will affect the store far into the future - our mission, our values, our products, our services.

On October 1st, we meet our initial 250 Owner goal! While we will always need new Owners, 250 Owners is a great achievement because it shows strong support and allows us to move forward at a quicker pace.

What's next? First up is hiring our first employee and commissioning a market analysis to tell us what size store our community supports, what products and services the community desires, and where the store should be located in Lombard. And, of course, we will continue to recruit new Owners. We will need at least 1000 Owners by store opening. Opening a cooperative grocery store is a process - outlined in a great info-graph here.

Join us today!