Together we will make it happen! 570 Owners and counting....

By becoming an Owner of Prairie Food Co-op, you are helping to build a bright & beautiful full service grocery store in Lombard that focuses on organic, local, and sustainably produced food. If this sounds great, your involvement is the solid foundation. We need 800 owners to secure a location, so please become an Owner today!


Our Vision

Prairie Food Co-op will be a full-service community owned grocery store in Lombard featuring local, sustainably grown, organic produce, meat and dairy products, as well as all of the other staples you'd expect from a grocery store -- dry goods, bulk foods, and frozen foods. Prairie Food Co-op will be a community gathering place where shoppers can enjoy a cup of coffee or juice while attending educational classes and workshops.

Our professional Market Analysis advised a 10,000 square foot store, with 6300 square feet of retail space. This size store makes shopping accessible and convenient and is large enough to accommodate a variety of food store departments including meat, bakery, produce, dry grocery, frozen food and dairy, as well as specialty departments such as a deli with prepared foods, a specialty drink bar, and a small café area. We also plan to establish a weekly farmer’s market in the store’s parking lot.

If this sounds great, then please show your support by becoming an Owner today! We cannot move forward with securing a lease until we have 800 Owners. We know WHERE the store will be located in Lombard, but we need YOU to make it happen!