Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Our Lombard Store


It’s been years in the making and our hard work has finally paid off. We are thrilled to announce our store’s official location - 837 S Westmore-Meyers Rd in Lombard located in the Eastgate Shopping Center just west of Ace Hardware!! We have searched extensively for the perfect location for Prairie Food Co-op and we can honestly state that there is no better site for our store in Lombard. 

Why we are excited about this location:

  • It is located on a main thoroughfare in Lombard. Easy to get to, but without the frustration of too much traffic.
  • It has an enormous parking lot! This not only means that you’ll never have to search for a spot when you come to shop, but it also means we can host a variety of outdoor events right at the store.
  • It has multiple points of entry that help the flow of customers entering and exiting the store which is a very important aspect of a successful grocery store.
  • We are “bumping out” the outdoor space in front of our store and will have a sizable outdoor patio where you’ll be able to grab a coffee or a bite to eat from the store and relax outside. Plus, our next-door neighbor, Ace Hardware, is building out a beautiful garden center - which will be lovely to look at from our patio.
  • We will also be able to incorporate more of the sustainable and aesthetic details we had originally planned for. (This was not true for other site options.)
  • The whole shopping center is getting renovated and updated and Prairie Food Co-op will be a significant part of the rejuvenation of this once-bustling mall.
  • We’ve already talked to the GM and employees of Ace Hardware (the world's largest retailer-owned hardware cooperativenext door and feel we’re going to make great neighbors. We envision co-sponsoring events, workshops, and more. There is so much possibility! 
  • We can start delivering on our mission to provide a marketplace for more locally, sustainably produced food!


PFC Produce

PFC Deli

Sustainable Features

Not only will it be a bright, beautiful store that you’ll enjoy shopping at, but it has sustainable features that will help reduce our carbon footprint. These features include:

  • Using vestibules to minimize air loss when the doors open which can prevent substantial amounts of heat or cool air from escaping the building when entering and exiting. This will prevent energy-consuming drafts and will make the store more energy-efficient.
  • Replacing the mechanical and electrical systems with modern, energy-efficient systems that comply with the State's energy code. 
  • Giving new life to an existing building and re-using what makes sense (masonry, ductwork, etc.)
  • Insulating all of the existing exterior walls and roof for better energy efficiency. 
  • Using LED bulbs in all light fixtures. 
  • Using occupancy sensors in offices and restrooms (lights will only go on when the sensor senses someone in the room)
  • Using Low VOC paint and materials to the greatest extent possible. 
  • Utilizing refurbished equipment for approximately half of the food service equipment.
  • Building out a new storefront and glazing system that complies with the State's energy code. 
  • Providing a designated area for composting.

PFC Cafe

Eastgate Shopping Center’s Makeover 

The developers of Eastgate Shopping Center have already begun work on improving the overall experience of the complex. If you’ve driven by recently, you can see they are hard at work demoing and reconfiguring the space. The whole mall is bustling with activity in preparation for its makeover. They will also be repaving the entire parking lot and improving the overall design of the exterior. 

The Illinois Secretary of State office (DMV) will be staying in the complex but moving to the north side of the mall and will be our neighbor to the west. We see this as a positive as it will bring “built-in” customers who want to grab a coffee or lunch before or after visiting the DMV.  Eventually, the developers will be building an apartment complex on the South side of the shopping center (where the DMV is currently). This will bring even more customers to our store, making us even more of a success!

Together we built this. Join us.