Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Welcome to Prairie Food Co-op

Prairie Food Co-op is a community-owned grocery store opening in Lombard, IL at 837 S Westmore-Meyers Rd in the Eastgate shopping center. The store will feature local produce, fresh prepared foods, deli, bulk foods, craft beer, wine and a quality grocery selection. Our store will provide a broad range of high quality food products with outstanding service. 

The Co-op exists to serve its member-owners (Owners), not to make a profit for a large corporation. While Ownership is not required to shop at the store, our Owners help govern the Co-op by electing our Board of Directors annually and contributing in other ways – from suggesting items for the store to serving as volunteers on Co-op committees.

Owners purchase shares in the Co-op business, thereby enjoying several benefits and responsibilities as owners of the store. Owners may receive special discounts once the store opens.

Grand Opening Progress & News

We announced our future location at Eastgate shopping center (right next to Ace Hardware - another co-op!) in January 2023. Check out why we love this location 

Our all-volunteer Board and Committees, as well as our General Manager, are working diligently to prepare for opening day. There are myriad components to the project that must be coordinated - budgeting, managing multiple grants, hiring an experienced Construction Management firm, finalizing store design and departments, equipment procurement, architecture and engineering, joining a purchasing co-op to offer competitive pricing, and so much more! Opening a grocery store is complicated. Opening a community-owned, 100% independent grocery store with limited capital is a monumental task and achievement. 

We are on track to open in 2024! Check here for Progress Updates from our General Manager.

When is a grocery store more than a grocery store?

When it exists to serve you instead of make a profit for others. When it provides fresh and truly local products. When you and your neighbors own it.


Together we built this. Join us.