Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

600, Floor Layout, and Party!

Since day one we here at Prairie Food have been following a well-honed plan to get the doors open to a FULL service grocery store that supports local farmers and food producers while adhering to the principle of transparency. 

Just last month we were in the 400s range, and as of today we are at 535 Owners! However, we still need many more Owners to open and our next big goal is 600 Owners. 

At 250 Owners we promised and followed through on our commitment to conduct a market feasibility study here in Lombard. At 500 Owners we began the process of lease negotiations with a potential site AND hired an Outreach Coordinator to help reach our Owners goals as quickly as possible. 

So let’s make a deal. YOU help us get to 600 Owners by becoming an Owner or referring an Owner. When we reach that goal WE will commission a preliminary floor design from Cooperative Development Services AND throw a 600 Owner party for all of our Owners! 

The floor design will give you a sneak peek on what the layout of the store will be and what departments we will have. Will we have a cafe? We will have a deli? How will it all come together? Of course, we will share this plan with Owners first. 

The party will be, well, a party. Maybe an ice cream social or a rollerskating party? Whatever we do, we will make sure we get as many of us Owners together to celebrate. 

All it takes is a ONE TIME $200 fee or installment payment as low as $25 a month to become an Owner. Also remember that there are multiple incentives involving our PROPS June partner, Vino Cellar, for becoming an Owner in June. 

Please help us get to 600 by becoming a Prairie Food Co-op Owner today!

Together we built this. Join us.