Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Community Investment Program (CIP)


With over 1300 Owners and a premier location, we need your help to build our store. Our Community Investment Program (CIP) is your opportunity to invest and build a thriving business that will serve our community for generations to come. The more our community invests, the less we need in costly bank loans, and the better our financial outlook.

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Keep your money local and allow PFC to pay returns to you, rather than paying interest to a bank.

The Goal

We need to raise $3.1 million to secure traditional financing for this $4.4 million project by December 15, 2021. This deadline is set by the developers of our store's location and we will lose the site if we do not make this goal. Prairie Food Co-op is counting on our Owners to invest so we can build our store!

The Co-op Difference

Our CIP offers Owners like you a way to invest in PFC,  just as you would in any other start-up business - except with better! Co-ops have an 85% success rate versus 30% for other small business types.

The ability of co-op owners to invest in a project like this is part of the co-op difference. It’s a win-win investment: PFC gains capital for construction and start-up costs; you have the opportunity to earn a return while improving our community in a way that aligns with your values, and most importantly, opens our store!


Our Co-op, Our Community

Why invest in your Co-op? We need to raise $3.1M of the overall $4.4M project to fund renovations, hire employees, stock our shelves, and open our doors. CIP investments are required to obtain bank funding, decreasing our risk and ensuring that interest payments go back to you, our Owners, instead of to some far-off corporation. And unlike Wall Street investments, we will see our investments make a real impact right here in our community, from the local tradespeople who build our store to the local farmers and employees who fill our shelves and nourish our families. It’s all part of our mission to build a thriving local community and economy. 

In the end, it’s about our community, our families’ food, and our values. What could be more important?



Next Steps



We are not soliciting Owner capital in any form at this time. Owner loans will be available only to Illinois Owners, Preferred Shares will only be available to Illinois residents, and only pursuant to complete offering documents when and if a capital campaign is approved by the board.

Invest in a place to shop that you can call your own.
Together we really can do this.