Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Give a Brochure or Postcard


Do you know someone that you think would love to hear more about Prairie Food Co-op?

Help us spread the word about how we are opening a community Owned grocery store in the heart of DuPage County that will focus on selling as much locally produced food and keeping more profit in our local economy!

You can choose to hand out a brochure or two (or more) to any interested friends, family, neighbors, or coworkers or maybe even at a place of business or civic institution.

Or you could write and send a PFC postcard to a potential PFC Owner. People love handwritten messages!

Or you could do both. Whatever method you choose, this is a very powerful way of growing community support for Prairie Food Co-op. People are very responsive when a friend, family member, or neighbor speaks highly of something. So thank you for spreading the PFC word!


CLICK HERE to fill out the form and our PFC Brochure Fairy will be in touch!





Invest in a place to shop that you can call your own.
Together we really can do this.