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Go Green With Community Solar

Community Solar Farms are the future of green, affordable energy for everyone. They consist of large arrays of solar panels built in rural areas that generate electricity which feeds directly into our existing energy grid. They are being monitored and promoted by the Illinois Shines Program as well as ComEd because community solar farms play a key role in creating an affordable, green energy future for Illinois.

The farms operate like an energy co-op. You can subscribe for free to a share of the farm and purchase the electricity that your share produces at a guaranteed discount off the ComEd electric rate thus reducing your electric bill. Your share size is matched to the amount of electricity that your house or apartment uses. Since the electricity from the farm feeds directly into the energy grid there is no need for solar panels on your roof and thus nothing to buy. Also, community solar is available to everyone who has an electric bill whether you live in a house, condo, or apartment.

Benefits of Community Solar Farms

  • You don't need to install solar panels on your roof
  • There's nothing to buy and there are no hidden costs/fees
  • You are dealing directly with solar farms and your electric supply cost is guaranteed to always be 20%* less than ComEd's rates for up to 20 years 
  • Houses, condos, apartments, and small businesses qualify
  • You remain a ComEd customer and don't have to deal with switching to a different provider
  • You can cancel at anytime and there are no cancellation fees

*10% savings if your usage is less than 3,000 kWh per year

Helping Prairie Food Co-op & the greater community

And by subscribing to a community solar farm through our partners, the Prairie Food Co-op will receive a donation per Owner, you will get guaranteed savings on the cost of your electric supply and our energy grid becomes greener with the addition of new solar energy. In addition, all these farms are in Illinois which increases local jobs and local revenues.

Enrolling in Community Solar

We hosted a Community Solar Enrollment Q&A Session, along with our community solar partner, Michael Wisniewski, where we covered how community solar works and how you can sign up.  We recommend watching the video recording of this session.

Enrolling in the program is quick and easy — it typically only takes about 20 minutes. Michael will analyze your current Comed bill and help set your household up to start receiving energy from a local solar farm. 

If you are ready to enroll or have questions, please complete our consultation form and Michael will connect with you to set up a time to chat and get you enrolled in the community solar program.

Note: PFC Ownership is not required to participate in the Community Solar Program, but you may be contacted about becoming an Owner if you sign up!


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