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As we close out 2020 we find ourselves still socially distancing. For most of us, this has meant wearing masks (not seeing smiles), staying home (not seeing friends and family) and an overall reduction in social activities (a little more loneliness).

During this challenging time, let's remember to reach out to those that might be feeling the impact of this more than others. Sometimes spreading joy can be as simple as sending someone a note or a thoughtfully colored picture.

Join PFC this holiday season as we drop off a little joy to the residents of Lombard Place Assisted Living & Memory Care. Write your own message, create a drawing, or download a carefully selected template from the PFC website and drop it off at the PFC Dropping Off Joy dropbox (see details) by December 21st and we will deliver it for you! You can even include your contact information if you'd like to receive a response from your recipient.

Let's drop off a little joy to our neighbors in need as we say goodbye to 2020!

Please join in the fun and we'd LOVE IT if you sent us pics of your drawings, letters, and/or coloring pages. Also, if you haven't yet, please follow Prairie Food Co-op on Instagram and Facebook!


DROP OFF BY DATE: December 21st

DROP OFF LOCATION: 219 S. Martha St. Lombard 



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