Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Happy New Year!

Start 2015 off right with a chance to WIN A YEAR’S WORTH OF MASSAGES from Prairie Food Co-op Owner Dr. Tim Weselak of West Suburban Wellness (a $950 value!)!!

1384-New-Year.jpg2015 is gonna be a BIG year for Prairie Food Co-op - we're aiming to find a home for our grocery store THIS year but that can only happen with more Owners! Help make Prairie Food Co-op a reality in 2015 by becoming an Owner TODAY and you could win once-a-month massage for a YEAR from West Suburban Wellness!  

Become eligible for a YEAR’s worth of massages by either becoming a Prairie Food Owner or referring an Owner in January.

You can only become an Owner once, but every referral gets you an entry! Make 2015 your year to STRESS LESS! Become a Prairie Food Owner TODAY!

We have an ambitious Owner growth plan for 2015 that sets us up to secure a store location next Fall.  Our market analysis takes place in January with results back by late February. At that point, we'll know exactly where our flagship store should be located! It's important that we are able to secure the recommended store location as soon as possible after the market study is complete. Think how amazing it will be to walk into Prairie Food Co-op for the very first time knowing that YOU helped make it possible! Imagine a store whose shelves are lined with clearly labeled, sustainably produced food; a store that supports local farmers and  food producers; a store committed to it's community! If you've never had the privilege of living in a community with a food co-op, now is your chance to change that! Co-ops are powerful economic engines and vibrant community gathering places. Let's do this!

Together we built this. Join us.