Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

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Join Prairie Food Co-op. Win a (local) Turkey.
Become a Prairie Food Co-op Owner by next Friday, November 21 and you'll be eligible to win a 15 pound locally raised turkey from Walnut Acres Family Farm. All October and November Owners are eligible to win. Winner will be announced next Friday, November 21. Join over 265 of your friends & neighbors to help open an amazing full service grocery store in Lombard focused on local, organic, and sustainable food.
What is 'Ownership'?
First, the technical stuff: Ownership is the purchase of 2 shares of common stock at a price of $100 per share for a total one-time investment of $200. This gives you an "Ownership" stake in the Prairie Food Co-op with benefits that include discounts when the store opens; a share of the profits during profitable years; a say in how the co-op is built, managed, and governed; and discounts at other cooperative grocery stores around the country. The critical component is that Prairie Food Co-op requires a minimum number of Owners to open - 800 Owners to secure a retail location and over 1200 Owners by store opening. We all know that Lombard needs more grocery options. Most of us cannot open a grocery store ourselves, despite our need and desire for one. However, by working together and pooling our collective resources, we can build an amazing grocery store that is exactly what we want it to be. By becoming an Owner before the store opens, you have a big influence in the products and services offered in the future store. At over 265 Owners, we are getting closer to the threshold needed to secure a site. Join us today so that Prairie Food Co-op opens sooner than later!

Winter Farmers MarketIn case you missed the Winter Farmer's Market last Sunday, here's a quick recap: The market provided an amazing opportunity to purchase cheese, meat and poultry, soap, honey, vinegars, sauces and salsas, preserves, and fresh produce from small, local farmers who use sustainable practices. The market was packed from start to finish, highlighting the need for a brick-and-mortar grocery store providing year-round access to fresh and local food. Luckily for Lombard, the Prairie Food Co-op is organizing to do just that! 

If you're interested in attending other area Winter Farmer's Markets, check out the schedule here.


Together we built this. Join us.