Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

We're excited to announce that Sitka Salmon Shares will be gifting a Summer Sampler Share to one PFC March Owner or referrer IF we reach 950 Owners in the month of March 2019!

Sitka Salmon is the best fish you can get in the midwest or any coast. The fish you receive is line-caught in Alaska by family owned boats, portioned and froze on shore, then hand delivered to your door. 

Also, Sitka Salmon Shares is an early and proud supporter and Owner of Prairie Food Co-op (#303). Sitka Salmon founders, Nic and Marsh, have even hand delivered their fish to our doors in the Chicago area! We at PFC appreciate how committed they are to their members and their employees and their delicous fish reflect their values. That's why we love them!

All you have to do to be eligible to win the Sitka Summer Sampler is to become or refer a PFC Owner in the month of March!

If you’re already a Sitka shareholder you can still win so don’t hold off on buying a Sitka share in hopes of winning one! If you’re already a Sitka shareholder, we’ll simply reimburse you up to the cost of Sitka Summer Sampler share.


We’re also happy to be part of a great offering from Sitka in the month of March. Anyone who buys a Sitka Salmon Share in the month of March will not only receive $25 back, but Sitka Salmon will also throw $25 PFC’s way for us to use towards our organizing efforts! We promise we’ll use the money wisely!

So become a Sitka Salmon shareholder and save some money for yourself and help out your beloved Prairie Food Co-op too! Just enter Prairie19 into the promo code field on the sign up form!


Together we built this. Join us.