Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Meet PFC's Architect!


Prairie Food Co-op has always been fortunate to have talented volunteers contributing to this project from the very beginning. One of our very first volunteers, Megan Harte, was an early Ownership and Outreach (O&O) member and was a significant part of our planning and executing of Harvest Fest- a mini-festival that celebrated local foods (like locally ground sausage from Walnut Acres, local cider, local popcorn, local corn, and locally brewed beer and wine) that PFC and the Lombard Historical Society partnered on in 2013! 

Megan also happens to be a super talented architect and we are thrilled to announce that PFC has hired Megan's architecture firm, 845 Design Group, to serve as our main architect of Prairie Food Co-op! In that role, Megan oversees the design and development of our store. PFC is very lucky to have Megan’s talent and support leading this phase of the project. Megan has been instrumental in helping to keep costs down, diligent project planning and management so that inevitable unforeseen issues don’t delay the project, and connecting PFC to many valuable industry resources that are helpful to building our store. We also love that she's a longtime Lombardian and just another example of PFC keeping it LOCAL! 

Thank you Megan for all you have done, and continue to do, for our store!

Together we built this. Join us.