Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Meet PFC's Construction Team!

We are excited to announce that Prairie Food Co-op has hired W.B. Olson to oversee the construction of our store!

W.B. Olson is a Chicagoland company with decades of experience in DuPage county (yes we're following our LOCAL principles on this as well!). PFC’s Store Development team interviewed several construction management firms and W.B. Olson stood out for their expertise in hiring contractors that meet stringent State and Federal grant requirements which will be a big help to us as we need access to the grant funds as we build OUR store! 

State and Federal grants normally require competitive bidding, hiring a minimum percent of women/minority owned businesses, and paying prevailing wage and W.B. Olsen's experience meeting these guidelines will be a huge asset for PFC. In fact, W.B. Olson’s support of Union labor put them over the top. Believe it or not, not all construction managers were open to PFC’s commitment to use Union labor whenever possible.

Keep a look out for open houses as we move forward building our store to meet our construction team, our architect, and maybe other upcoming hires to ask questions and see progress as we prepare to open OUR dream grocery store! 

Together we built this. Join us.