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ModStats.pngWe are excited to introduce a new monthly "Meet A Co-op" newsletter that highlights existing food co-ops to help our community better understand our plans and see what Prairie Food Co-op will be all about.

We are starting with a co-op that recently opened in a town with demographics similar to Lombard - Monadnock Food Co-op in Keene, New Hampshire. The Modanock store, which opened in 2013 with over 1000 Owners, is a full service grocery store offering produce, meat & seafood, packaged & bulk items, and a deli that includes a hot bar, salad bar, and a 'grab and go' case. The co-op exceeded sales expectations within it's first year of operation with sales for their second year of operation exceding $8 million. The co-op employs over 60 people - almost half of which are full-time - with good pay and benefits. The co-op also provides a year-round marektplace for local farmers and food producers to sell their products - allowing farms to expand operations and employ more people. Monadnock Food Co-op offers a variety of fun classes, workshops, and events that enrich the lives of residents and foster community spirit.

ModShoppers.jpgBased on the similar demographic make-up and store size of Monadnock Food Co-op, you can expect similar products and services in the future Prairie Food Co-op grocery store. Won't it be great to have this type of grocery store in Lombard? If you think so and are not yet an Owner, then join today so that our store can open sooner than later. Already an Owner? THANK YOU for helping us open this amazing store! And, be sure to tell your family and friends what Prairie Food Co-op is all about.

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