Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Myha Ginger

  • Hometown: Lombard
  • Owner #: 722
  • Term Elected: 2020, 1st term ends 2022.
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Why are you interested in serving on the Prairie Food Board of Directors?

I want to thank you for the opportunity to run for the board. I believe I would be an asset to the board for my ability to discuss and investigate decisions, organization/management skills and my passion for clean eating. I think I will be a good board member for the Prairie Food Co-op because I have the ability to see issues from many sides. I am not quick to judge and like to discuss issues. I also have wonderful organizational skills; I have been operations manager for a small financial planning office for five years. I am very accustomed to using technology in a variety of ways. I can run and maintain a CRM (customer relationship program) and am excited to learn new technology. I also have a passion for the mission of the co-op. I have been a nearly lifelong resident of Lombard. I love Lombard and can’t wait to see the value the co-op will bring to our community. When I first heard that a co-op was being started in Lombard, I was instantly excited. While visiting friends in San Diego I was fortunate to visit the Ocean Beach People’s Organic Food Market, I was impressed by the beautiful store, the ecofriendly options, the community involvement that the store offered, and the way it functioned in an area with few grocery options. I also am passionate about clean food. I know how eating a well-rounded diet can improve not only one’s health and mental well-being. Lombard is an amazing place to live and I believe that the co-op will only make it better.


Employment: Please tell us about your Past or Present Employment

I am operations manager for a wealth management company.


Volunteer: Membership/Affiliations past and present:

I have been a member of the Moose Lodge 2350 for eight years.


Which of the following areas do you have expertise?



What experience, education, and skills do you have that you feel will contribute to your effectiveness as a Prairie Food Director?

I don’t have any co-op experience but have 20+ years of customer service experience. I was a server in restaurants for 15 years and am now an Operations Manager for a small financial office that is quickly growing. When I started it in 2015, we were an office of two people, we are now an office of six people. I have helped coordinate the forward progress of our office, from on boarding new employees, creating guidelines for the office and to maintaining office supplies and files. I have wonderful organization skills and have a great passion for learning.


What are your personal goals for Prairie Food Co-op?

My goals for the Prairie Food Co-Op are for it to be a financially viable business, a gathering place for the community, for it to be a place that educates people on the importance of eating locally and the benefits of a large bulk foods section. My first goal for the Co-op would be that it is a financially viable business that also helps and improves the community and the others that surround it. I hope that it will show our community that shopping local helps everyone involved, the farmers, the consumer and the environment. I also want the co-op to serve as a gathering place where community organizations can meet and continue to serve Lombard. I also want the co-op to be a place that treats its employees fairly and have another great option for employment for the people in our area. I really am excited about the bulk foods section of the store. I think that buying as much food as you want, or need is fantastic for the environment. It eliminates waste of resources and goods. One bulk item I would like to see in the store is cleaning products and soap. So many resources are wasted on disposable plastic.


What experiences have you had with food co-ops in the past?

My many years being employed in restaurants have taught me about food handling and customer service.


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