Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

PFC Coloring Fun!



Cooped up in the house and looking for something creative to do? Need an activity to keep you and your kiddos occupied? Well break out your crayons, coloring pencils, or- dare we suggest- paints and get in touch with your artistic side! Whether you're a John Singer Sargent, a Georgia O'Keeffe, or maybe even closer to a Jackson Pollak, we want to see your creations!

Just print out one or all of the above coloring pages (just click on the image), get your coloring on, and then post a pic of your creation(s) on your social media while tagging Prairie Food Co-op. We'd especially love it if you include you and/or your kids (even furry kids) in the pics, because people LOVE pics of people (especially kids and pets) even more than they like pics of fancy art!

So join in the fun and we can't wait to see your pics! Also, if you haven't yet, like Prairie Food Co-op on Instagram and Facebook!



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