Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Theresa Giambrone


  • Hometown: Lombard
  • Owner #: 265
  • Term: Elected in 2015, 2016 and 2019. Appointed to fill open seat in 2023.

Why are you interested in serving on the Prairie Food Board of Directors?
It has been such a rewarding experience by serving on the Board in the last year. I want to continue to grow with the Co-Op and be a valuable resource in all the important decisions ahead. It is such an exciting time for the Co-Op where we may be involved in lease negotiations with a potential site, begin the owner loan campaign, and hire a general manager that will make our co-op be everything we ever wanted.

Employment: Please tell us about your Past or Present Employment
Accountant in Inventory Control/Finance Department at OfficeMax/OfficeDepot

Volunteer: Membership/Affiliations past and present
Feed My Starving Children

Volunteer: Leadership positions held past and present
Secretary on the Prairie Food Co -Op Board of Directors

What experience, education, and skills do you have that you feel will contribute to your effectiveness as a Prairie Food Director?
I have majored in Accounting and Finance at North Central College in Naperville. Having served on the Board has exposed me to what the Co-Op needs in order to be successful in the future. Financial security is one of the many aspects that the Co-Op needs to maintain and I believe my financial background will help keep the financial pro-forma up to date.

What are your personal goals for Prairie Food Co-op?
Personally, I want to help in making financially sound decisions for a successful future for the Co-Op. We are in a critical point in opening up the grocery store and many crucial decisions need to be made on how to move forward. Being able to stay financially stable throughout the next stages is my goal for the co-op. I would be willing to be hands-on with the upcoming Owner Loan Campaign to make sure we are on track with the finances.

What experiences have you had with food co-ops in the past?
In the past, I was part of Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) in college where I worked with a coffee bean Co-Op in Guatemala. Our group has helped distribute the coffee beans to local Walgreens stores in order to expand their sales. I understand how a Co-Op is different from other business structures and love to be involved with the community.
I have also been on our Prairie Food Co-Op Board for the last year working along side with very dedicated board members.

What do you hope to achieve from your board experience?
I have never seen so many dedicated people working for the same goal. We have many wonderful owners that want to make our community better and stronger. It is refreshing to be involved in such a positive environment. The Board has a such a drive to make a difference that it empowers everyone around them to continue towards making this Co-Op a reality.


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