Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Fun at 600. Building our Store, Together!


This is where it starts to get a little fun. You have been waiting for this process to start and we’re right on the verge! At 600 Owners we will start surveying our Owners about store layout and design. 

Our market study states that our store will be around 10,000 square feet. A store of this size would be large enough to accommodate all of the basic departments that will make us a FULL service grocery store; including produce, dry grocery, frozen food, health and beauty, beer and wine, and dairy. 

However, we have enough room to have a few extra “specialty” departments too. 


Would you like to be able to order a cappuccino or maybe a fruit smoothie or a kombucha on tap? Would you like a made-to-order deli or a grab-and-go section where you could swing by and pick up your breakfast, lunch, or dinner? What about a salad or hot bar?  Is a sushi bar just the thing that Prairie Food Co-op needs? Or maybe a teaching kitchen? 

Also at 600 Owners, we will also start asking our Owners how they want our store to look. 

Do you think we should go for a more rustic look with warm wood tones? Or do you like a cleaner look with an industrial aesthetic? Or do you like brighter colors paired with a modern style? How important is using reclaimed wood and other materials to you?

 Screen_Shot_2016-09-20_at_11.57.53_AM.png Screen_Shot_2016-09-20_at_11.58.16_AM.png Screen_Shot_2016-09-20_at_11.58.57_AM.png

This is what is special about Prairie Food Co-op. We want our Owners to have the store they want and deserve. Of course we can’t have everything we want, but we can promise that we will do everything we can to make sure that we deliver as much of what our Owners want within our budget. 

If you want to influence what Prairie Food Co-op becomes, it’s time to become an Owner! Ownership is only a one-time fee of $200 or installment payment as low as $25 per month. Jump on the Prairie Planning Wagon today!


Together we built this. Join us.