Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Why 800 Owners


You may have been following our progress for years or months but either way, we have been working hard for nearly three years to open Prairie Food Co-op. In that time, we've been awarded several scholarships and grants, including a competitive $10,000 grant from the Food Co-op Initiative based on the strength of our organization and leadership. We also received a scholarship to consult with Cooperative Development Services (CDS) to help guide us and keep us focused as we navigate through the complex process of opening a member-owned, full-service grocery store.

All that is to say we have built a strong, knowledgeable foundation for success. We are excited to take the next big step - sign a lease and find a home for the future store! We are *so* close but need YOUR help to get there. We need.... 

  • 800 Owners to sign a lease.  
  • 800 Owners to show their commitment and desire to build this amazing resource for our community. 
  • 800 is not the final goal but a critical goal that allows us to move forward.
  • Will YOU join today and be one of the very special 800 Owners that make it possible to find our home?

If you've been waiting to join until we announce our location, remember that we cannot secure a site until we reach 800 Owners. If everyone waited to join until we have a site, then Prairie Food Co-op will never open.  The first 800 Owners make Prairie Food Co-op possible. People who choose to invest in a business that will have a significant impact on Lombard. Who choose to put their money into a business rooted in community and dedicated to serving the needs and wants of that community. It's up to YOU to bring Prairie Food Co-op to Lombard!

Together we built this. Join us.