Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

DoubleIt! Challenge

250Goal_200.jpgWe have set 250 Owners as our next milestone. This is the Owner threshold required to take the next big step in the development of the Prairie Food Co-op – hiring a professional consultant to analyze several potential store locations in Lombard and complete a market analysis. This is a critical next step, as the market analysis will tell us many important things, including:

  • How big the store should be
  • What products & services are desired by our community
  • Where, in Lombard, the store should be located

Help us reach this critical milestone by telling your friends & neighbors about the co-op and we will reward you handsomely for any new Owners you refer. For each new Owner you recruit until we reach 250 Owners, we will thank you with the following:

Owners Recruited Reward
Each new owner Raffle entry for a brand new Apple iPad Mini
3 new owners $50 gift card to Vino Cellar OR Shannon's Deli
5 new owners $100 gift card to Glen Prairie Restaurant


How We Can Help You

Need some ideas for recruiting Owners? Here are a few suggestions for you.

  1. Host a House Party - Gather your friends & neighbors together to learn more about the Prairie Food Co-op. We'll help you plan & send a board member to speak. Contact Stephanie Eby for more details.
  2. Email community and civic groups and tell them about Prairie Food Co-op. Be sure to provide a link to our website and invite them to 'like' our Facebook page.
  3. Pass out our flyers at local businesses or events you attend. Contact us & we will get flyers to you.
  4. Invite friends to one of our upcoming events.

Recruiting FAQ’s:

Q: Why should I become an owner?

  • To support local farms, keep money in our community, gain access to fresh, wholesome food, and have a voice in how the Prairie Food Co-op is run. Also, the Prairie Food ownership base will have a strong influence on the location (town) of the store.

Q: How much does it cost to become an owner in PFC?

  • You can become an owner for as little as $200!

Q: How can I become an owner?

Q: How will Referrals be tracked?

  • There is a "Referred By" question on the Online Ownership form. For those submitting paper ownership applications, please write the name of the Owner who referred you.

Together we built this. Join us.