Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery
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Ownership is a one-time investment of $200.

Select the number of months you would like to pay for your Ownership.
For example, if you select 8 months, you will be billed $25 per month.


For the purpose of facilitating access to consumer goods by providing necessary funds for Prairie Food Co-op’s proposed retail grocery store, and to acquire an ownership interest in Prairie Food Co-op, I hereby purchase an ownership interest for $200.00, paid in Installments. The ownership interest hereby purchased is intended to confer the right to purchase consumer goods and services at Owner prices and to participate in the governance of Prairie Food Co-op in accordance with its bylaws. The ownership interest hereby will entitle the holder to no dividends or other monetary return, will be nontransferable except to Prairie Food Co-op, will be redeemable only in limited circumstances in accordance with the bylaws of Prairie Food Co-op, and will be subject to other terms and conditions in Prairie Food Co-op’s bylaws. The funds remitted hereby are intended to be used to fund the development of Prairie Food Co-op, including the securing of additional financing to Prairie Food Co-op. All such funds are subject to the risks inherent in any start-up enterprise of this character and may result in the loss of part or all of such funds. Persons who cannot afford to incur such losses should not purchase ownership interests in Prairie Food Co-op.

Prairie Food Co-op operates in accordance to Owner-adopted Bylaws

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Make a single payment of $200 to become an Owner. Buy additional $100 shares to speed our progress.

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Mail your completed Ownership form and check for the full amount to the address indicated on the form.

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