Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Prairie Food Co-op on the front page of the Chicago Tribune!


Prairie Food Co-op made the front page of the Chicago Tribune! We were featured in an excellent article about co-ops in the Chicagoland area. Board President, Kathy Nash was interviewed, and quoted, in the article. As communities struggle with the economic impact of COVID-19, “There is an outcry for a different system and way of supporting communities." Cooperatives keep money circulating in the local economy because, by law, they must either reinvest profits in the store or divide among Owners as dividends. Cooperatives exists to serve the community rather than make anyone wealthy. 

“People can see the value of local ownership....This is a locally owned alternative to publicly traded company. They support local products and vendors, which is fundamental to the core of those businesses.” That support of local vendors and food producers has kept many local businesses afloat during a challenging time.

Read it here. For non-subscribers, you should be able to access the article using "Reader View".

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