Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

Join PFC and MAYbe win a summer of local produce!

Remember back in the day when we offered a prize we’d raffle off to an one Owner if we got 30 Owners in a month? Yeah, we decided to do it again! We’re going a little old school, but we’re excited to announce an enticing offer for new Owners in the beautiful month of May!

If you become (or refer) an Owner in May AND we get at least 30 Owners in May you have a chance to win 20 weeks of a Personal CSA Share of fresh, local produce from Rustic Road Farms in Elburn (a $365 value!). This comes out to 5-7 items per share in a half-bushel box that you’d pick up once a week at the vibrant Wheaton Farmers Market. Are you already a Rustic Road Farm shareholder or want to and don't want to wait and see if you're a winner? That's cool. If you win, we'll just reimburse you the value of the Personal Share! 

May has always been a great month for this kind of offer and we know we have a lot more people interested in us these days looking for one more reason to jump off the fence! This is the perfect opportunity!

Plus we love supporting a local farm like Rustic Roads who put in the extra time and extra work to grow their produce and raise their animals in a sustainable, responsible way. Plus, Marc and Luis, of Rustic Road Farms are enthusiastic PFC Owners and advocates!

If you’ve been thinking about joining the PFC family, now is a great time. Please consider PFC Ownership, and the chance to win a summer’s worth of delicious, locally grown produce, today!

Together we built this. Join us.