Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

2017 Bylaw Changes

Pursuant to Section 10.3, the Bylaws of the Prairie Food Co-op may be amended or repealed only at a meeting of owners, provided that the proposed amendments are stated or fully described in the notice of the meeting at which the amendments are to be adopted.  

The Board was advised by co-op experts to have our Bylaws reviewed prior to seeking additional financing to open our store,. This ensures the Co-op has best practices in place before extensive external financing is sought and before a lease with legal obligations is signed. The Board hired Thane Joyal of Cooperative Development Services to review our Bylaws and provide feedback. Ms. Joyal has recommended five (5) Bylaw changes. 

There are a total of six (6) proposed Bylaw changes.

A full version of the co-op's Bylaws is available online here

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