Prairie Food Co-op Community Grocery

March 2016





PFC_500.png Prairie Food Co-op Owner, Emily Saurino, owner of Art Life Gallery, wants Prairie Food Co-op to reach 500 Owners as soon as possible. When we reach 500 Owners, we will raffle-off a Wine & Paint party for up to 8 people ($280 value!) at Lombard's new Art Life Gallery & Studio! All new Owners and referrals are eligible! 

Prairie Food Co-op Ownership is a smart choice for you, your family, and your community. Here are a few reasons to buy in today! 

  • Prairie Food Co-op received a competitive $10,000 grant from Food Co-op Initiative because we are one of the strongest food co-op start ups in the nation. Less than 10% of co-ops receive this annual grant; a ringing endorsement from a national organization! 
  • Becoming an Owner is a great investment! For a one-time payment of only $200, you help build a grocery store focusing on local, organic, sustainable products. The store will benefit you, your family, and the community - fresh produce, local & sustainably sourced food, cost-saving bulk offerings, workshops and educational classes, jobs and so much more.
  • Prairie Food Co-op is already at work in the community! This summer, we are offering a series of educational workshops to help YOU live a healthier, happier life. 

Still have questions about Ownership? Please join us at one of our events or call Jerry Nash at 630.501.7444. 





Film Series - Food, Inc • 6:30pm
Helen Plum Library. RSVP


Square Foot Gardening • 10am
Peak Training Studio. RSVP
Filling fast! Donations accepted at the door.


Meet The Co-op • 2:30pm
Marcel's Culinary Experience. RSVP


Candidate Info Session • 7pm
Elmhurst Public Library. RSVP
Learn about serving on the PFC Board!


Owners Meeting & Potluck • 7pm
Calvary Episcopal Church. RSVP
Hear exciting news on our progress and give input on the store services that YOU would love (cafe? deli? coffee bar?)


Nominations.jpgThis is going to be a banner year for Prairie Food Co-op. We will sign a lease on our flagship store, hire a General Manager, and launch an Owner Loan campaign. Owners will have a unique opportunity to invest beyond their initial buy in and literally see their dollars at work improving their community. We have open seats for new Owners to serve on the Prairie Food Co-op Board during this momentous time. Be involved in key decisions as we prepare for opening day! Click here for more information and the application


OWNER SPOTLIGHT: Dr. Tim Weselak (#166) 


Dr. Weselak is a Prairie Food Co-op Owner that you should know! Dr. Tim, as he likes to be called, is a Lombard native, now living in Oak Brook. He and his wife have three children, ages 5, 2 and 5 months. As a chiropractor in practice for 16 years, he is the owner of West Suburban Wellness in Lombard.

Tim Weselak

What prompted you to join the Prairie Food Co-op?

Fresh, local, organic food - that is what I live and teach my patients. The mission of the Prairie Food Co-op aligns with everything I do. I first learned about it through someone at a local Chamber networking event, who was there talking about the Co-op, and then heard about it more through multiple Lombard connections.
I love that I'll know where my food is coming from - from local farmers that are an earshot in the radius from the town. I also like to help support the community, too. It's a win-win.

What introduced you to wellness as a living concept?
When I was 15, I injured my shoulder as a pitcher on the local baseball team. After seeing several doctors who couldn't help me, it was the chiropractor my dad went to for his back who got me healed, pain-free and back on the mound-with no drugs and no surgery. After graduating from Glenbard East High School, I followed a path to become a chiropractor. After practicing in Chicago, I started my own practice in Lombard in 2005.

Read more of Dr. Tim's story here.


Together we built this. Join us.